Who We Are​

Finding Peace is a Christian portal operated by PROJECT: Steps to Christ, Inc. a registered Canadian Charity, reg. # 857807044RR0001, under Canada Revenue Agency.

Established in Canada in 2002, PSTC mission is to give all Canadians the opportunity to receive “Finding Peace”, an introduction to Jesus, in the privacy of their home.  Each “Finding Peace” offers free literature and Bible studies and the opportunity to get even more information through this website.

All books and literature are free and with no obligation

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Our Story

Where We come from…

PSTC originated in Illinois as Jim Barclay had the vision of mailing Steps to Christ to every home in Chicago.  After his death the ministry moved to upper New York in close proximity to the Canadian border where Jack and Fran, Canadians, worked for the ministry.  Wanting to include Canada in the mailings, in 2002 with the blessing of the board of directors Jack and Fran registered Project: Steps to Christ as a Canadian entity and initiated the formation of the Canadian ministry….


The Team

Jack and Fran have dedicated over 30 years working to help others find Peace, Joy and Happiness. To offer and support Christian values by making available resources that uplift Jesus, His life and teaching for the betterment of mankind.

Jack Sabourin

Creative Director

Proudly Serving Canadians

Fran Sabourin

General Manager | Head of Accounts

How We Can Help You

Finding Peace attempts to find the best Christian resources, continually updating this site in hopes to answer your questions and helping you reach the peace we are all striving to attain

We offer a number of booklets and pamphlets for your enjoyment — FREE and NO obligations.
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