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What We Offer

We offer Correspondence Bible Studies ranging from Beginners to Advance, all based upon the Bible only.
We also have ‘Finding Peace’ book, 64 pages that has help thousand to find or know Jesus better. ‘The Looking Glass’ is another 64-page book dedicated to the struggles and hardship our forefathers and their fight for religious freedom. Both available in PDF and Epub format.

Our ‘media’ page has numerous resources for your viewing and listening pleasure

About Us

We Focus on giving you the best Christian recourses suited for the whole family, young or old.

What Our Readers Say

Here are only a few the many responses we get

It helped me find peace in my life and understanding the gospel.

It helped me to understand about loving my LORD and forgiveness and love people and to know God is always there for me in my sickness or troubles.

Finding Peace has made a difference in my life by refreshing my understanding of Christ–It gave me rest during my continual trial