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The title of the book tells its mission. It points to Jesus Christ as the only one who is able to meet the needs of the soul. It directs the feet of the doubting and halting to the pathway of peace. It leads the seeker after righteousness and wholeness of character, step by step, along the way of Christian living, to that experience where he can know the fullness of blessing which is found in the complete surrender of self. It reveals to him the secret of victory as it unfolds in simplicity the saving grace and the keeping power of the great Friend of all mankind.

Beginning with its first edition (1888), followed by an author’s revision (1911), this outstanding work has achieved worldwide circulation through many editions and translations. The reader will find that the author writes frankly and vigorously, pointing out errors and suggesting solutions based on the infallible Word of God. And even though the last few decades have witnessed shifts and adjustments in the socioreligious world, the main scheme and the future projections presented in this book maintain today full timeliness and absorbing interest.